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"It is an amazing workout without noticing that you are actually working out. I also like the cultural aspect of it and it gives me something to look forward to in a time like this."

Melanie M.

Haleiwa, Hawai'i

"Hiva Fitness has quickly become one of my favourite ways to workout and get my cardio in. You'll work up a sweat no matter what level of fitness you're in! After every Hiva session, I feel energized, strong and want to dance more. I love that Hiva Fitness works and tones your entire body with the combination of Tahitian dancing, Hula, and bodyweight exerecies. The instructors always make you feel comfortable when learning new movements and will leave you wanting more Hiva! I'm always excited for these workouts and love the positive energy of the Hiva community!"

Angelica C.

British Columbia, Canada

"I haven't danced in forever...I am so out of shape. I've been away from it for 2-3 years now...While I was dancing/dying I was on the verge of tears...didn't realize how much I missed dancing, my body misses it! Dancing truly makes my heart happy. Mahalo!"

Maria B.

St. George, Utah

"As a mom of 4, finding the time to invest in my health can be a challenge. Hiva Fitness is something that I am extremely motivated to make time for. The workouts are easy to follow, the music and moves makes you want to keep moving...You'll be so focused on shaking your hips you don't even realize what a workout you're getting. This is a no brainer, 5-star, try it you'll be hooked workout!"

Wendi S.

Kohala, Hawai'i

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